Civil Litigation Attorneys

We assist both plaintiffs and defendants in civil claims in all local courts including contract disputes, debt collection, landlord-tenant controversies, defamation, fraud, injury, and tort actions
Civil Litigation

For more than fifty years, Glasser & Macon P.C. has handled a variety of civil cases representing individuals and small businesses throughout Southeastern Virginia. Our attorneys have represented clients in state and federal courts. If you are involved in a dispute regarding a breach of contract, personal injury, partnership disputes, domestic relations, decedent’s estates or real estate, we are available to meet with you and evaluate the strength of your case.

“Glasser & Macon made me feel so comfortable and taken care of. A process that I’ve been dreading was a breeze. Thank you Glasser & Macon for helping me and my family through a difficult time.”

Trusted Civil Litigation Attorneys

We recognize the impact of legal fees on your budget and the emotional strain of pending court actions. Our lawyers strive to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently to obtain the best outcome under your particular circumstances. Call us to evaluate your case and determine whether we can assist you.

The Civil Litigation Process

The civil litigation process occurs in several stages. Each part of the process can be cumbersome, frustrating, and time consuming. Typically, litigation consists of six stages:

  1. Investigation of the facts
  2. Preparation of detailed court pleadings
  3. Discovery/Depositions/Trial Preparation 
  4. Settlement negotiations
  5. Guidance to decide between settlement and trial 
  6. Consideration of appeal

We work to optimize your results. Our seasoned staff will make sure you are kept in the loop throughout the litigation process and answer your questions and concerns promptly.

Contact our Law Firm for your Civil Litigation Claim

Our attorneys have years of experience with civil litigation cases. Glasser & Macon P.C. will be your trusted advocate when dealing with civil issues. Call us at 757-424-4288 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

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